The Chiropractic approach to health is through the nervous system. The nervous system controls every organ and function in your body. The muscles contract, lungs breath, and heart beats because the nervous system tells it to. The brain sends messages to all these organs by sending messages down the spinal cord. The spinal cord which is housed within the spine has nerves that branch off of it and travel through holes called intervertebral foramen (seen below) between each vertebrae and travel all over the body. If one of those vertebrae is even slightly out of place just like a misalignment in the ankle after rolling it there will be swelling around the area. This misalignment and swelling creates pressure and irritation on the nerve as it exits the spine causing a problem with the messages that flow through these nerves. Chiopractors identy these misalignments subluxations. 


A subluxation is like a kink in a hose that wont allow messages to flow through at 100%. A chiropractor works with these subluxations and uses a thorough analysis to find the specific spinal segment that is subluxated and adjust it. By doing this he takes the pressure off of the nerve allowing messages to flow freely through it. This will allow the body to heal itself and restore proper function.  Chiropractors do this without medications or surgeries that can have side effects. 



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