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I went through 8 months of terrible pain with a pinched nerve. My arm went numb 100 times a day. After spending thousands of doaars, multiple injuections, MRI's, and weeks of therapy, i went to see Dr. Matt Betterton. Matt told me I'd be better in 4 to 5 visits. I thought he was full of it. He wasn't. Im on my 5th visit and am feeling 100% better. No nerve pain and hardly any numbness. Im currently off all my pain pills and ready for work.


In August I started having intense tension headaches daily. By November, the discomfort in my neck, shoulders, and head had turned into constant excruciating pain. Every day I would wake up with the same excruciating headache, struggle through the pain and collapse immediately into bed the moment I came home. The pain controlled my life and I soon became unable to work. I had tried everything; doctors switched my current prescriptions, prescribed multiple muscle relaxers, and sent me to the emergency room and the Iowa Pain Clinic for staggeringly expensive injections. Nothing would lessen the pain. I visited a neurologist and a ophthalmologist, tried therapeutic massage and physical therapy. I started to lose weight and had trouble sleeping. The pain moved down into my nose, the sides of my neck and my face. I had received regular chiropractic care from another chiropractor, but they had not been able to help my headaches. I turned to Dr. Betterton and after being adjusted, the pain that had controlled my life for months finally broke. With his care the headaches came less frequently, and with much less strength. I continue to turn to Dr. Matt Betterton with my chiropractic needs and thanks to him, I am now pain free and I have my life back.  Thank you Dr. Betteron!! 


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I have had issues with my neck and back for many years. I have had great results by working with both Matt and Scott. I go in for regular adjustments, and also on a needs basis. They both make me feel extremely comfortable and I also trust them with adjustments for my children. My daughter had lots of ear infections and acid reflux. She had a hard time sleeping as a baby. Adjustments did wonders for her moods, ear pain, and also her sleeping patterns. I recommend Betterton Chiro to anyone looking for a chiropractor! 

After having chronic back problems for years, which worsened over the last year and was starting to affect my daily living, I was desperate for some relief. I had tried epidurals, medication, heat/ice, and rest with no relief. Dr. Matt Betterton listened to my pain symptoms and after only one visit I was able to move again with a majority of my symptoms drastically improving. I'm glad to have a chiropractor that listened to what I needed. The small town service and friendly atmosphere was great too.